Autumn-Inspired Lava Bead Essential Oil Diffuser & Chakra Colored Swarovski Bracelet (Stretch)

Autumn-Inspired Lava Bead Essential Oil Diffuser & Chakra Colored Swarovski Bracelet (Stretch)

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Ground, Balance & Rise with this Handmade Lava Bead & Chakra Swarovski Bracelet (Stretch)

Be healthier, happier and more vibrant…. diffuse oils in this lava bead bracelet and align the chakras with coordinated colored Swarovski stones (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and white). This collection features deep, vibrant hues to reflect Autumn and the upcoming holidays that will keep you shining into the new Year.

Lava Rock beads are made from cooled down molten rock (Basalt, an igneous rock). When a volcano erupts, red hot molten rock spills out of the volcano and flows away as lava until it becomes cool, solid, porous and black.

Lava Rock has been around for millions of years, so it has had many uses through time, many of which are still used today. Lava Rock is known for being a grounding stone, helping to balance the emotions, bringing calmness, equanimity and strength. This stone is believed to help keep tempers from flaring and helping work through problems in a logical, clear-minded way.

While this stone is grounding, there is also a raw energy to the Lava Rock, which is born from the fiery heat underneath the earth’s surface. This energy is said to symbolize and promote rebirth or renewal. Lava Rock is also known for helping to promote fertility.

Lava beads are perfect for aromatherapy jewelry. You can add oils for use in daily life, or to enhance meditation. Using essential oils with lava beads is incredibly simple… Just put a drop or two of your favorite oils and rub them on the black lava beads. The easiest way is to add the oil on your finger first and then rub it on the black lava beads. You can rub the residue on your hands, wrists and inhale for extra benefit.

This is a hand-made, genuine stone (stretchy) bracelet. Approximately 7" diameter.  *Custom sizes available. Please contact us for details and to place your custom order. Ships within 2 weeks of the purchase date (oftentimes, much sooner). Every purchase will help save the lives of animals in need. A percentage from each and every Lava Bead Diffuser Bracelet will go to ANIMAL HOME ANIMAL RESCUE AND ADOPTION INC. Their website is