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The (Real) Love Experiment: Explore Love, Relationships & The Self

Relationships are our greatest teachers. This book chronicles one person’s journey through a 90-day commitment to (real) love and connection, self-discovery and development.

While following the author’s story, you’ll learn:

• The difference between conditional and unconditional love
• How omissions and masks affect life and relationships
• About tests that come up to challenge our commitment(s)
• How Fear plays a very direct role in our lives and relationships
• How to reflect on your own patterns, stories, trigger buttons and self- limiting beliefs and behaviors
• Top ways to truly love someone (and yourself)

“Let’s face it; life is messy. And this book is about being messy and finding your authenticity. This is about real life (my life, my story and indirectly - or directly - your life, too) and real love (true, unconditional love for yourself and others... the kind that seems to evade us). What it’s not? Sugar-coated and fluffy. For an entire 90-day period, I was intently focused on finding answers…and even the right questions. I followed myself around with a microscope, leaving no stone unturned, using my relationships to guide me on an intense journey inside myself, through challenges, exploring love and happiness. I allowed myself to feel. To really feel. And that included the pain and fear that bubbled up as I pulled off all the bandaids, one by one, and exposed the rawness beneath them. This is my experience during those 90-days. The discoveries I made, the concepts I learned and applied, the obstacles that cropped up along the way and the miracles that became visible to me.

Take my hand... share on my journey, begin your own. Namaste.”

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  • The (REAL) Love Experiment: Explore Love, Relationships & The Self - Paperback
    The (REAL) Love Experiment: Explore Love, Relationships & The Self - Paperback
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